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The Advantages of Imag Vaporizer! This Imag is designed for the ultimate dry herb, wax and e-liquid vaping experience.

Imag 3 in 1 functionProduct Introduction

A very flexible vaporizer to have the capability of using dry herb, wax and e-liquid without changing the heating chamber.smoke lever, atomizer, smoke bombs, accessories and charger and electronic cigarette.

It's recommended that the heating cup be used to hold wax or e-liquid inside the heating chamber.

Unique baking designWell-designed

The only vaporizer to bake dry herb, wax and e-liquid evenly in an enclosed chamber. There is no exposed heating coil.

Baking yields superior flavor for consuming dry herb while at the same time reducing many irritating toxic elements released during burning of dry herb.

Safety mechanismTo activate the vaporization process

Press the Power Button for 3 times continuously. This design is intended to prevent accidental activating of vaporization process while keeping the convenience for users.

High qualityVape your favorite dry herb, wax and e-liquid on the go.

There is the built-in automatic shut-off safety setting after 120 seconds of continuous heating.

Shen Zhen Relaxo Technology Introduction

Company office showspacious and comfortable environment

Guest Reception room is very big.

Garden-style office, corporate environment clean and comfortable, providing a good working support.

Strict quality assurance We uphold the highest quality standards.

We uphold the highest quality standards.therefore, all products must pass CE, RoHS and SGS certifications and meet ISO 14000 standards.

Therefore, all products must pass CE, RoHS Certifications and meet ISO 14000 standards.

Large and stable supply chain collaborationSafer, more stable, adequate supply

Large and stable supply chain collaboration,Large and stable supply chain collaboration

The stability of supply management, production capacity is guaranteed.

Workshop clean environment
The best working environment

Air-conditioned clean room, to ensure that employees good working attitude. Smooth manufacturing qualified products.

Workplace health cleaned regularly, to meet the requirement of 5S.

Employees wear work clothes, work shoes, keep the working environment clean and comfortable.

Strong R&D capability, development Unlike the competition

Our founders are professionals who are experts in both the tobacco industry and electronic industry.

We have our own high tech R&D and manufacturing facilities, so we produce all our e-cigarettes by ourselves.

Premium customer service

We offer Warranty on all our electronic components.

We listen and adapt according to what YOU want.

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